Solutions Frictionless Rate Distribution for Carriers and Consolidators

Get rate updates in front of forwarders faster than ever before.

You can’t get a booking if a forwarder doesn’t know your current rate!

Ongoing rate volatility is forcing carriers and forwarders to move faster than ever. Only the CargoSphere rate technology platform can keep up.

Cargosphere’s cloud-based, interconnected Rate Mesh enables the global shipping community to reduce rate processing and distribution time from days to a few hours. Carriers can quickly, accurately and confidentially distribute rates using less time and less manpower. Then, Logistics providers quickly get the new rate updates into their internal systems to compare against their other rate options. By quickly putting up-to-date rates in the hands of logistics providers, they’re able to quote with confidence and win more business.

With CargoSphere platform it only takes 2-6 hours!

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Speed is only the first of many Rate Mesh benefits:


It’s confidential.

Carriers control who sees which rates and when. All rate distribution is one-to-one, where the carrier manages all aspects of the data.

Rates in real-time.

Once a rate connection between two parties has been established in the Rate Mesh, all future rate updates occur in real-time. That’s right. Just hit “send/submit/update,” and your selected forwarding partners will have your new rates waiting for them in their CargoSphere system.

It’s accurate.

Rates distributed via the Rate Mesh are sent system to system so data accuracy improves and there’s no manual processing needed. The CargoSphere rate platform accounts for and stores every base rate and tariff surcharge being shared between a carrier and their partner so invoicing quality improves.

It’s scalable.

The platform is designed to support thousands of carrier contracts and millions of rates. Carriers can bring on as few or as many customers as they want.

It can be automated.

The Rate Mesh platform allows a carrier to electronically distribute updated rate contracts to their customers via integrated streams.

It delivers value immediately.

It only takes a couple of weeks to implement direct carrier rate distribution.

In the news:
APR 28, 2016
 – Read about our first carrier-to-forwarder implementation here.
JUN 21, 2016 – Read about our second implementation here.

Process Static Rate Files with SUDS. Distribute them with Rate Mesh.

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Any carrier, co-loader, consolidator or master-loader can distribute rates to their customers. Our SUDS technology reads carrier contracts and enters rate data into the CargoSphere Database. The Rate Mesh is the CargoSphere platform to confidentially share selected rates with selected parties in real time. All the functionality is available for immediate use to deliver immediate value to all users.

Use eSUDS to process large volumes of rates.

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If a carrier plans to distribute rates to hundreds or thousands of customers, CargoSphere has developed an automated platform. eSUDS allows a carrier to electronically push updated rates to CargoSphere (via integrated data streams) so that CargoSphere can process the data and push it to the carrier’s customers via the CargoSphere Rate Mesh.

We are working with a number of carriers to test this process now. We expect to announce pilot customers in early 2017.

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Every carrier wants more bookings. Every forwarder wants quick access to current rates so they can quote faster and win more business. The CargoSphere Rate Mesh eliminates the unnecessary time wasted in distributing current rates so that both carriers and forwarders can win. Click here to contact CargoSphere today.

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