Here’s what we mean by FRICTIONLESS rate distribution.

There’s rate friction everywhere.

Dates change. Surcharges change. Even base rates change. With rate details in constant flux, Freight forwarders have struggled to put accurate shipping rates where they’re needed, when they’re needed: in confidential quotes, accounting systems or scheduling systems.

This is what we mean by friction. This is why we created CargoSphere.

Why is this so important?

Rates are the lifeblood of the shipping industry. We want to eliminate friction everywhere rates appear, and deliver technology that smooths out processes and data inefficiencies.

You deserve better.

You deserve rates that can be accessed instantaneously, accurately — requiring no additional data entry.

You deserve a work life that enables you to focus more on your customers’ needs, and less on the tedious process of maintaining and securely sharing accurate rates.

Your customers deserve clear, accurate quotes — fast, so they can quickly make their booking decisions.

Your forwarding partners deserve easy access to rates so they can select the optimal mix of price and service. They also deserve a completely confidential way to receive your rates, so they can honor the terms of detailed, negotiated business agreements.

With rates in constant motion, consider the one platform that can keep up, and make rate management and distribution truly FRICTIONLESS.

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