The Cloud and the Cargo

Apr 8, 2013

This article highlights the benefits that Peruvian-based IFS obtained with their implementation of CargoSphere. The rapid deployment of CargoSphere transformed IFS’s ability to compare rate and routing options, respond to customer inquiries and support team flexibility in a way that increased sales by as much as 40%.


Helping Shipping Be ‘More Collaborative’

Mar 27, 2013

This article features excerpts of an interview by Neil Barni, CargoSphere’s CEO, about the newly released fourth version of the CargoSphere Rate Network.


IT Solutions 2013

Mar 21, 2013

This article reports on the recent release of version 4.0 of the CargoSphere Rate Network and includes quotes from International Freight Shipping S.A.C.


Shippers Easing Into E-Rates

Mar 14, 2013

This article highlights the Baltimore-based freight forwarders Samuel Shapiro & Co and their use of CargoSphere to manage rates, support their shipment planning and execution processes and self-publish FMC filings.


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