Disintermediation or Innovation

May 9, 2017

CargoSphere’s Neil Barni authors an AJOT  blog post on the key business and technology challenges in implementing digital freight rate management.


CargoSphere boss says digital buzz kick-started by Maersk

Apr 19, 2017

CargoSphere EVP Harry Sangree discusses the barriers and enablers of digitalization of rates in the shipping industry.


Slow Growth Spurs Need for Efficiency Via Technology

Mar 23, 2017

Shortly following the TPM 2017 Conference where Neil participated in a freight pricing debate, he recaps his thoughts about industry digitalization, the hype and the importance of rate technology that strengthens businesses rather than disintermediating them.


Lines Warm to Online Rate Management

Feb 24, 2017

CargoSphere Executive Vice President Harry Sangree talks to Tradewinds about the growing interest in CargoSphere’s rate management platform and the current pilot programs underway.


Collaboration Over Disintermediation

Sep 19, 2016

In this byline, Neil Barni, president of Cargosphere, clarifies the company’s mission which is to deliver frictionless rate management and distribution technology that advances global industry interconnectivity to drive efficiency and financial gains. Collaborative, real-time connectivity is what allows global shipping industry parties to increase productivity and value.


Logistics tech firms look to curb disruption, not disrupt industry

Aug 19, 2016

The Journal of Commerce discusses tech firms, such as CargoSphere, that aren’t looking to disrupt the industry but instead increase real-time collaboration that enables industry partners to work together to efficiently move freight. Read Story.


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